Cheesy Sauce

“I thought that learning how to make a decent cheese sauce would be appropriate”


Kids like cheese. Let’s face it, everyone likes cheese don’t they? I have a mate who grates cheese onto every meal, he’s a hero. Yes he’s obese and has trouble breathing but he’s still a hero. I have another acquaintance, he goes out for a meal and orders pizzas without cheese. He is not a hero, he’s weird.

With that in mind I thought that learning how to make a decent cheese sauce would be appropriate, especially as it is such a piece of piss. You can also use it for quite a few kids meals, I’ve given some suggestions below. These aren’t meant to be adult meals, hence the simplicity and the fact that most of them just involve cooking something and then pouring the cheese sauce over the top!

  • Cauliflower or Broccoli Cheese or Vegetables with Cheese (cook cauliflower, broccoli or both and pour cheese sauce over it.  If your kids are babies or fussy, mash up or blend it to oblivion so they can’t see the veg).  You can also add cheese sauce to other cooked veg like carrots, peas or courgettes.  Kids are more likely to eat stuff covered in cheese.
  • Fish and Cheese Sauce (get some filleted white fish, cook it as per instructions, then pour the cheese sauce over the top, leave the fish whole or flake it into the sauce with a fork)
  • Pasta with Cheese Sauce.  The jewell of daddy cooking, the go to guy, pasta.  From fussy kids to eat anything kids they all like pasta.  Just cook pasta, drain and then mix up with the cheese sauce.  Then you can add in any cooked meat you like and mix it up, also any cooked veg.  Overcooking broccoli slightly and then mashing it to kingdom come and mixing it with the cheese sauce is a great way to hide veg.

So, to the cheese sauce. You’ll just need the following, which you’ll probably have in.


  • 15g butter
  • 1 tbsp plain flour
  • 150ml of milk
  • 50g grated cheddar

You can use other cheeses like Edam, but let’s face it, cheddar is the daddy of cheeses so it’s appropriate. Stronger cheddars give a better flavour in my opinion too.


Put your saucepan on a low heat and chuck in the butter. Wait for it to melt, slowly. Don’t be tempted to turn the pan up. Then chuck in the milk and the flour. Whisk until thickened and all the lumps are gone (use a fork if you can’t find a whisk). Some people will tell you to add the flour slowly to the butter and stir it gently to make a roux and then add the milk, what the hell is a roux?! You can do it that way if you like but I don’t think it makes a jot of difference, it just makes it much more likely you’re going to burn your pan!
Once you have all the lumps out and you’ve got a smooth sauce then turn off the heat completely. Add the cheese into the pan and stir. All the grated cheese disappears very quickly and you have yourself a cheese sauce. Sorted!