“Maverick, get down from there!”



So close to a row in Tesco, completely accidental but equally completely my fault.

There was a little kid messing about in the bread aisle in front of us. He was running round, chasing his sister, his mum was getting more and more annoyed but was trying to restrain herself from shouting. We then moved down the aisle towards the jam and the overexcited kid and his sister moved along with us. Finally, when he was attempting to climb up the shelves with the glass jam jars on, right in front of me, his mum rushed over and shouted,

“Maverick, get down from there!”

I could feel my eyes widening, my jaw dropping and before I could stop myself I found myself blurting out,


I took one look at her reddening face, the tattoo on her neck, and the fact that she outweighed me by a good 5 stone and did the only thing I could…I ran.

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