40 Things That Make Me Feel Old

I was born in the mid seventies. To me the olden days are kind of from the Second World War backwards. Everything in black and white. I have never been able to watch a black and white film because I cannot relate to it it any way. I have never referred to the seventies or even the sixties as the ‘olden days’. Nineteen sixty nine was only seven years before I was born! It therefore shocks me as to what my seven year old refers to as the ‘olden days’.

Me: Got a film for you to watch T, Honey I Shrunk the Kids.
T: Is it a new film or from the olden days?
Me: Newish film I suppose. Not the olden days.
T: How many years ago was it made?
Me: Twenty six.
T: That’s the olden days, daddy.

Now granted I was completely unaware the Honey I Shrunk the Kids was made back in 1990. I freely admit that twenty six years ago is a very long time in the mind of a seven year old. I am also prepared to confess that if you said that something happened over a quarter of a century ago to me that I too would have to concede that the event does seem like it happened a long time ago.

But if you tell me that something happened in the nineties then in my head it happened very recently. The nineties wasn’t that long ago. OK, so this might actually be my problem.

The eighties and nineties were my era, this is where I spent my childhood and the formative years of my adulthood. Anything after the millennium has passed in a flash so I am consistently shocked when I hear just how long ago things happened, especially films. Here’s 40 things which make me feel old.

1. Ralph Macchio, The Karate Kid, is 54 years old. That is three years older than Mr Miyagi was when the film was made.


2. Ghostbusters is 32 years old. I remember being taken by my scout leader with two other eight year old boys to see this. Can’t see that happening nowadays!


3. The year 1990 is as far away as the year 2042. I’ll just leave that one hanging.

4. Britney Spear’s ‘…Baby One More Time”, was released 18 years ago. I don’t like any music after 1999, I must therefore love Britney.


5. Mario has just been released as a download on the Apple App Store. Mario first appeared in the game Donkey Kong, thirty five years ago in 1981.


6. Who remembers watching Wacaday with Timmy Mallett during the summer holidays? Seems like only yesterday…wrong! Wacaday hasn’t been on for 24 years…


7. Where were you when you first played on a Playstation? We were blown away by it, Resident Evil, Destruction Derby and the like. This console was released in 1994. That’s 22 years ago!


8. If Bart Simpson aged like the rest of us do he would be 37 years old. Maggie would be 24.

9. I remember my wife coming round my house to watch The Simpsons on a Sunday night when she was first my girlfriend. The Simpsons is now in its 27th season.

10. Who remembers Maude Flanders dying on The Simpsons? She fell off this mortal coil 15 years ago.


11. Children who are starting their second year of GCSEs or first year of A Levels were born after the year 2000.

12. The first episode of Friends was 22 years ago.

13. Remember the anticipation and the sadness after the last episode of Friends? That was 12 years ago. The characters would now be between 46 and 48.

14. Courteney Cox is now the same age as Rue McClanahan was when she started making The Golden Girls.


15. Remember growing up with John Candy being in every comedy? National Lampoons Vacation, Home Alone, Cool Runnings, Uncle Buck? He’s been dead 22 years.


16. If The Wonder Years was shown on tv today it would be talking about the year 1996.


17. Similarly, That 70s Show started in 1998 and was set 22 years before. If it was on today it would be taking place in 1994.


18. The first Harry Potter book was released 19 years ago. The LAST Harry Potter book in the original series was released nine years ago.


19. The baby on the front of Nirvana’s iconic Nevermind album is now 25 years old and has tattoos (including Nevermind across his chest).


20. Remember the littlest and cutest daughter from The Cosby Show? She’s 33.


21. Kids born in 1998 can now drink.


22. Macauley Culkin is now older than Daniel Stern who played Marv (one of the crooks) in the movie.


23. The premier of the Twin Peaks series was 26 years ago (1990).


24. Remember The Sopranos? One of the greatest TV programmes ever made. Remember the youngster, Christopher? The actor that played him is now 49 years old.


25. How about Newt, the little girl from Aliens. She’s 40.


26. Remember how weird it was when Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson? I’m surprised, that was 22 years ago!

27. Who went to the cinema and jumped out of their skin when the velociraptor jumped through the ceiling in Jurassic Park? That popcorn went flying off your lap 23 years ago.

28. The baby from Look Who’s Talking is now 26.


29. Still don’t really get karate performing reptiles aka the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? You’ve had quite a while to get them as they’ve been around since 1984.

30. Remember the scandal when German Halloween left the Spice Girls? That bombshell was dropped on us 18 years ago.

31. Still think of Diddy as Puff Daddy? He hasn’t gone by that name in 15 years!


32. I know that we can remember a time before mobile phones, but even the game Snake on Nokia Phones is now 18 years old!


33. The Office ended on a poignant moment when Dawn and Tim finally kissed. That happened 13 years ago.


34. Recall learning about the nine planets of the solar system and the order they are from the Sun. Not any more, Pluto isn’t a planet and hasn’t been considered one for nine years.


35. One of the defining moments of our time, the falling of the Berlin Wall, happened over a quarter of a century ago.

36. As did the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

37. Princess Diana has been dead 19 years.


38. 9/11 was 15 years ago.

39. On a happier note the classic Christmas tune Do They Know It’s Christmas? It’s 32 years old this Christmas.


40. Last but not least, don’t forget we remember a time before the internet! The internet stemmed from developments initiated in the 1960s, but initial public and commercial use started in 1989. However, when I first started work in 1998 my office didn’t have the internet at all! How much has changed since then?!