Death by Calpol

“Do you think if I was going to kill myself I’d use Calpol?”

I loathe pointless unenforceable bureaucracy!
So we’re all ill, I go to Tesco and buy Benylin for the missus, Benylin for me and Calpol for the kids.  Go to the till with some other shopping, cashier putting it through when she suddenly stops.

“I can’t sell you this” pointing to the Calpol.
“You what?”
“It’s your third product containing paracetamol, it’s a suicide risk”.
“You what?”
“The till has stopped me selling you the Calpol because you already have two other paracetamol products.  It’s to protect you”.
“From Calpol?”
“Do you think if I was going to kill myself I’d use Calpol?”
“Don’t you think I’d die from sugar overdose before the paracetamol killed me?”
“Nothing I can do sir, the till won’t let me”.
“OK, put it to one side and put it through in the next transaction”.
“I can’t do that”.
“I guarantee that would work”.
“I can’t”.
Person in the queue behind me, “Give it to me I’ll get it in my shopping and he can give me the money”.
Cashier, “That’s not allowed, he’s still getting three paracetamol products”.
Me, “With which I’m going to top myself?”
“OK, give it back to me I’ll get it at the next till”.
“I can’t do that”.
“OK, give it back to me I’ll put it back on the shelf for you”.
She bizarrely gives it back…
“I’m now going to buy it on the till next to you”,
“You can’t do that”.
“Watch me”.

I know it’s not the cashier’s fault and that she’s just enforcing the ‘rules’ but seriously?!  Even if I did want to kill myself with Calpol what on earth has Tesco got to do with it?    Also, the two pack rule applies regardless of the amount in the packet.  You can actually buy own brand paracetamol in Tesco in packs of 90.  You are allowed to buy two of these which gives you 180 pills.  If you bought them in 16s they’d stop you at 32.  If you really did want to kill yourself in a hurry and only had enough time to complete one transaction then there is a way!